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Features of large wet fish feed production line

Features of large wet fish feed production line:

1. It can effectively prevent feed waste. The fish feed extruded by the extruder of the fish feed production line has good stability in the water and can float on the water surface.

fish feed production line

2. The feed has a high effective edible rate. Extruded fish feed has been extruded and sterilized at high temperature by the extruder, and the starch gelatinized and fat content is stable.

3. The fish feed production line saves energy and has less pollution. The production line is powered by electricity and has less pollution.

4. Easy to learn and easy to operate, the production line with frequency converter to adjust the speed, through the control cabinet can directly see the temperature speed regulation, can be adjusted by the button.

5. The fish feed production line is easy to install and place. The screw in the main machine of the production line is specially designed, which can be self-cleaning, convenient to use, and has low wear rate and relatively small replacement frequency.

6. The main machine of fish feed production line is multifunctional extruder, which can produce products with different yields and shapes by changing different molds and related supporting equipment. Can be adjusted according to the market, long-term investment more cost-effective.

fish feed processing machine.jpg

7. The feed size produced by the fish feed production line can be large or small. The main size is 1mm 1.5mm 2.0mm-10.0mm, which is suitable for all kinds of juvenile fish and big fish.

8. Fish feed production line production of feed can be used in: all kinds of ornamental fish, for example: the peacock feed, parrots, phoenix, feed, etc., can also be used for: bullfrog feed, crayfish, giant salamander, turtle feed feed, fish feed, grass carp, carp feed, bass feed feed, and so on aquaculture, loved by customers for many years.

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