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Twin screw fish feed production line

Twin screw fish feed production line

      Twin screw fish feed production line process: raw material processing (crushing and sieving)~ batching ~ extruding cooking ~ spraying ~ drying ~ cooling ~ packaging ~ finished product storage. According to this process, the following equipment is selected: crusher, sieve machine, mixing cylinder, spiral elevator, twin screw snack food extruder, rotary spraying machine, baking oven, cooling conveyor belt and plastic sealing machine.

      Fish feed production line

      Twin screw fish feed production line part of the extruder

      1. Feeding device, which is mounted on the upper part of the body, consists of motor, bevel gear transmission system, conveying screw, cylinder, mixing bar, etc. After the material enters the barrel. Through the stirring of the stirring bar, it is conveyed by the screw into the extrusion sleeve. The stirring rod is fixed on the screw shaft in order to prevent the material from "bridging" in the cylinder and hindering the feeding.

     2. Extruding device, the main part of the extrusion device is a barrel and a screw. Two screw is interlocking, rotation direction, in the process of work each other blow grind bonding materials on the screw, the stripping down and put an end to caking phenomenon, this machine is combination of screw screw, is a lead screw, such as at the other end is varying pitch screw, material is equidistant to the varying pitch screw, screw thread pitch and depth is reduced, on the one hand, increase the mixing extrusion capacity for the material, On the other hand, the relative increase of the contact area between the material and the barrel, easy to absorb the external heat, is conducive to the ripening of the material, the two screw spline shaft sleeve connection, constitute the whole concentric screw. This kind of connection has the advantages of good interchangeability, convenient disassembly and easy replacement.

     3. Mold and end face cutter. The mold is fixed on the front end of the barrel, and the inner cavity of the barrel is closed. The matured material will be extruded from the mold hole. Mold holes have different shapes, including round holes, annular holes and narrow holes. Materials can get snacks of different shapes through these holes, which are extruded from the template holes.

     4. Because the material contains a large amount of starch and moisture, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the moisture is gasified, into the air after the starch with gasification steam to produce rapid expansion, forming a leavened food structure. In order to cut off the extruded continuous puffs, use a face cutter to cut them off according to the food length requirements.

Fish feed production line。

fish food machine.jpg

     5. If it is the production of stuffed puffed food, the filling device is used to inject the fluid filling of the external insulation through the hole on the template and into the sleeve cavity from the side wall. At this time, the filling into the template is extruded together with the surrounding material to form a filling. Obviously does not inject fluid filling, can be processed tubular puffed food. The material will flow in two directions from the high pressure area to the low pressure area: one is to form two "C" shaped material flows along the inner wall of the sleeve along the direction of screw rotation, which is the main stream of the material; The other is through the screw meshing part of the clearance to form a countercurrent. The cause of countercurrent is that the left screw pulls the material into the meshing gap, while the right screw pulls the material out of the gap, resulting in the material moving forward in the shape of "CO". Change the direction of the material flow, which is not only conducive to the mixing and homogenization of materials, but also make the screw teeth between the grinding '(that is, shear) and rolling action, calendering effect. This effect is much smaller than the reverse screw calendering effect. Of course, the calendering effect is small, the wear of the material on the screw is reduced. The material is transported, shearing, mixing and the heating of the sleeve shell, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, to reach the ripening, and finally is extruded out of the cylinder.

      In the whole twin-screw fish feed production line, the twin-screw extruder is the most important link, the purchase of a cost-effective twin-screw fish feed machine is crucial in the future production.

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