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  • Fish feed processing machine

Fish feed processing machine

  • This dry extruder has the following features:
    *Dry extrusion,no quenching system and boiler equipment,temperature can reach to 130~150°C.
    *It is especially suitable for popping corn fox, non-protein nitrogen (corn urea), feather powder and meat and bone meal for ruminants; it can also be used for detoxification treatment of rice bran fresh-keeping, puffed fish meal and cotton aphid.
    *The water content of the finished product is suitable for long-term storage, and can be packaged after cooling.

1.Single screw fish feed proessing machine information:

Fish feed extrusion machine is also known as aquatic livestock, fish, dog food, pet feed extruder.It is the ideal machine for making various of feed pellets.Different size and shapes can be customized to meet the suitable feed for animals.

This fish food pellet machine is suitable for making floating fish feed and other pet food with different shapes by changing different molds. The main material for making fish feed is maize powder and wheat flour. And we also can offer the whole line for making fish feed. It mainly consists the following parts:raw material-crusher-mixer-extruder-dryer or cooler(dryer has better effects, if you want to save cost, had better choose dryer)-flavoring parts(selectable)-packer.

Fish feed processing machine

2.Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Parameter:

ModelCapacity(t/h)Main Power(kw)Feed Power (kw)Screw diameter(mm)Cut Power (kw)Dimension(mm)

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