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  • Pet Dog Chews Production line

Pet Dog Chews Production line

  • *High quality stainless steel material

    *High automation operation

    *Low consumption but high efficiency

    *Single color and double color dog chews food

1.Pet Dog Chews Production line Information:

Pet chews take starch as raw materials with scientific configuration and was extruded from an extruder. It can be made into different kind of shapes such as sticks, bones,bi-flavor, etc. This kind of food not only provide protein, fat, vitamin, and nutrition for dogs but also satisfy the dog nature hobby. It has the following features: strong teeth, cleaning mouth, and teeth. The products can be in many shapes, like twists, double colors,cor-filling, and so on.

    Mixer---Screw conveyor--- Single screw extruder---Cooling machine---Cutting machine--- Hoister---Drying oven

Dog Chew Making Machine

2.Pet Dog Chews Production line Parameter: 


DLG100 (Single color)

DLG100×2 (Double color)

Install Power



Consumption Powe









3.Pet Dog Chews Production line Main Features

1. Our processing line adopt international advanced technology.
2. we can adjust the cutter speed and the dies to get the different diameter and the length product
3. The Electric heating device system can control the temperature accurately
4. High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis andbacterial infections. 
5. The processing line can produce both floating and sinking fish feed.

4.Sample of pet chew food:

Dog Chew Making Machine

5.Equipment list in the pet chew production line:

Pet Dog Chews Production line

Dog Chew Making Machine

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