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  • Macaroni food processing line

Macaroni food processing line

  • Our Macaroni food processing line has many characteristics such as high automation, good stability,easy operation, large output and short time etc. At the same time, it has improved
    the technology, and avoided some of the traditional abuse. It can process various
    raw materials, such as corn starch, potato starch and wheat flour.

1.Macaroni food processing lineIntroduction:

This Production Line Adopts Potato Starch,Potato Power and corn starch as main material,to produce a variety of twice extrusion ones in different shapes,which are popular in the market,such as shell,screw,square tube,crisp pea,round tube,and wave.This line is characterized by unique technique,rational configuration,high automation and stable performance.

Screw Extruder Pasta Manufacturing Machine Stable Performance 1 Year Warranty

2.Technical Parameters Of DT- Macaroni food processing line

Install Power110KW190KW300KW
Consumption power77KW130KW210KW

3.Macaroni food processing line Flow Chart

Raw Material -- Mixing -- Extrusion --Long Cutting-- Drying-- Cooling

pasta making machine.png

4.Raw Material:Potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour etc.



This machine can mix all the different kinds of power materials with water. Due to the high speed of mixing braches 580Rpm, the different materials can be mixed evenly with water and some other liquid material.


Macaroni food processing line

Single screw extruder is mainly be used to make pasta, pellet and so on based on different starch. There are heating system and cooling system which is used to control the temp automaticly. The speed of motors can be controled via drive. The moulds are with advanced design which can make the shape of the product more compact with better finish.


Long Cutter With Conveyor

The cutter is for long cutting. It is widely used for cutting macaroni etc. The cutting speed and length can be adjustable.



It will shake all products by vibrate motor, to avoid all products stick together. And it will cool down the products during the transfer process.



The hoister is used to elevate the food into the next machine. It is with food standard rubber belt. The belt is with both horizontal and virtical edge which can make sure there is no leaking.



The multy layer dryer is with compact design which can make the food be well dried in a limied space. It is a dryer with 5 layer and 5 meters length. It is food standard Stainless steel belt. The temp of the dryer and the drying time can both be controlled which can make sure that the food will be fully dried. It is a steam dryer.


Cooling Conveyor

Cooling and conveying. Genereally there are fans over the stainless belt. It can also take the food from one workshop to another.

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